Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jenny's Halloween Ghost Experience

"Disturbing Halloween Shadow Entinty

t was Halloween, October 31, 2004. It all happened in my cousin's house at Antipolo City, Philippines. It was a nice day, and I was so excited that I would be seeing my cousins and other relati

day, and I was so excited that I would be seeing my cousins and other relatives. I have been spending my summer months with them for years, and we have this tradition of making the most out of our time together.

That day, my cousin and I went to buy music CDs, and decided to grab a DVD movie so we could hang out at home watching and enjoying R&B sounds. We decided to go straight back home to my cousin's house to listen to the CDs we bought. We took the back entrance of their house, leading to the second floor, where we saw her nanny and her niece. My cousin decided to stay in her room for a few minutes; and as for me, I started taking the stairs down to the ground floor of the house.

The ground floor part of my cousin's house had been abandoned for about three months. My other two cousins had used two bedrooms down there, but now they had to vacate the ground floor to reserve it for guests during special occasions only. The house itself has three floors, yet there are only five people who live in it.

As I took the last step of the stairs, at the side of my eyes I saw a dark, tall shadow about six feet tall pass by the kitchen door at my left. I just ignored it, though, since that I was more excited about listening to the CDs. Also, I had been seeing a lot of those shadows in the past years, so I was kinda used to it already.

I took one of the CDs and began to play it on the stereo, with just a minimal volume, just for me to relax. As I was sitting on the couch, my cousin came into the living room and turned the stereo volume up very loud. As we were enjoying the music, suddenly the volume dropped down to zero. I just stared at it, wondering how it happened. My cousin even got mad at me because she thought that I was the one who lowered the volume using the remote control. I just looked at her and pointed at the remote control on top of the stereo. Realizing that I wasn't responsible, my cousin suddenly ran upstairs, screaming, dead scared to stay in the living room.

I was left alone, trying to analyze what had just happened. A few seconds after that, I ran upstairs, too, to check on my cousin. Surprisingly, the nanny, upon seeing me, told me that she also heard strange sounds while we were down in the living room. She explained that the sounds that she heard upstairs were like humming frogs or crickets.

After an hour, my cousin and I went downstairs, again to watch a horror movie when something strange happened. While watching, we suddenly felt scared because we could hear the sounds from the previous scenes of the movie, like a long-delayed echo. It seemed like something was actually trying to mimic the movie - particularly the sounds. Finally, we made up our minds to stop watching and just listen to the CDs, this time a lot louder. We also switched on all of the lights on the ground floor. This time, my cousin even shouted to the ghost, "This is when I am able to spend my vacation with my cousin, so beat it!" From there we went on enjoying the sounds and chatting with each other.
During the height of our enjoyment, one of the figurines from the top of the stereo flew off and crashed on the floor. My cousin wasn't scared; in fact, she got mad because it was her mom's favorite figurine. At first we thought that it was the strong vibration of the speakers that caused the figurine to fall. But there were many other items on top of the speakers, some a lot lighter than the figurine, so why just that one? Also, it didn't just fall; it was more like it was thrown.

We knew we weren't welcome anymore. Something was trying to hinder us from staying in that particular part of the house. We found out that it wasn't just us who experienced weird things in that living room, but also my other cousins and most of the people who used to work there as nannies for them. These former nannies had left without a word, even without getting paid. Perhaps they were in fear of getting harmed or bothered by that same shadow entity. - Jenny C."

Thanks for the story of your unusual experience.

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