Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are Abductees Being Trained?

A recent discussion on Coast To Coast AM left me with some shivers..
"Hypnotherapist and abduction researcher Yvonne Smith discussed her research on UFO abductions on Thursday night. Several years ago, 11 people were simultaneously abducted on Coronado Island, and this case is going to be featured in her forthcoming book, she said. Right now, she's working on a three-witness case with Dr. Roger Leir and Jaime Maussan, hypnotically regressing two of the witnesses who were children when the incident occurred. An implant was removed from one of the witnesses, and Dr. Leir believes we may have enough data to determine the origin of the ETs, she revealed.

The ET's agenda appears to revolve around the hybridization program, said Smith, as many of the abductees have sperm and ova removed. Further, she reported that some female abductees feel their own children may have been genetically altered. Abductees are often told that they're being trained for a particular job, "and when the time comes they'll know exactly what they're supposed to do," she noted, adding that this might relate to certain dreams abductees have had in which they are guiding large numbers of people somewhere."

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