Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Southern California Event

Jessica and the SoCal Ghost Crew have put tigether an outstanding Happening scheduled for Saturday,October 2,2010/ 10 AM to 9PM at the Los Angles Convention Center in Los Angeles Ca,

A n Exclusibe Ghost Investigation will follow the conference at Linda Vista Community Hospital in Boyle Heights

Hosts of the event 9n addition to the SoCal Ghost Crew include Pacific Coast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team, and Team Claranormal

Some of my items will be for sale is a note recently from Jessica:about the conference:

"First off, I want to say a big thank you for being a part of this historic event! Not only is the So Cal Para-Con currently shaping up to be the BIGGEST paranormal convention ever in Southern California, but we are also the first EVER to cater to the hearing impaired. How cool is that!...

...the planning committee and I are doing all we can to present the public with the biggest, baddest paranormal convention they have ever seen! To date, we have 16 guest speakers, several workshop hosts, 31 vendors, and a production company signed on to do a Q&A session and show previews of their tv show....

a little show that is currently #1 on the Biography Channel called "My Ghost Story." Ever heard of it? Also, renowned documentary filmmaker, Christopher Booth, will be debuting his and his brother's new paranormal documentary entitled "The Haunted Boy: the Secret Diary of 'The Exorcist" and guests will have the opportunity to view clips from it before it's national debut on the SyFy Channel later in October!

We also have Rex Williams from SyFy's "Destination Truth" doing a Q&A session as well! We have big dreams for this Para-Con, and all of you have been instrumental in making this event happen. "

Is this not exciting! details

If you go, hope you wander by my table...
Pictured is the SoCal Crew

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