Friday, September 17, 2010

Weird Lobster Has A Friend

There is an old saying "Someone is out there for you.."Maybe that applies to Lobsters also.

"​A million-to-one freak lobster with two cutting claws caught in British waters has found a friend in another mutant crustacean -- with two crushing claws.

Lobsters usually have one cutting claw and one crushing claw - which are each used to catch food such as crabs.

They grab their prey with the sharp cutting claw while the powerful crusher claw is used to break open the shell.

But a lobster - nicknamed Popeye - with two crushing claws has now been found by fisherman Steven Tregeer off St Just in Cornwall.

The discovery comes just weeks after a lobster dubbed 'Edward Scissorhands' with two cutting claws was found off the coast of nearbThe pair of freak crustaceans are now being cared for at Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium.

Blue Reef's David Waines said: ''On his own Edward was an extremely unusual find.

''So for Popeye to have been caught within the space of just a few weeks is nothing short of extraordinary.

''We now have a pair of lobsters with the correct number of cutting and crushing claws - the only problem is they're the wrong way round.''

Lobsters are among the planet's oldest inhabitants with fossil remains found dating back more than 100 million years."

Makes you wonder if our pollution is reaching the oldest creatures..

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