Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did Their Pet Return As A Rock?

This was interesting!
"Looking out of the window, Mark Brow couldn’t believe it when he saw his dog, Looby Loo, sitting in her favourite spot in the garden.

After all, she had died two years ago.

But there, hewn into a garden rock, was the unmistakable image of the 13-year-old springer spaniel.

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t first, he thought it was a trick of the light. Then he looked suspiciously at his drink.

But Looby Loo, the beloved family pet his children missed so much, was still there.

Mr Brow, a programme controller at a local radio station, said his wife, Carron, first alerted him to the ghostly visitor in the garden at their home in Ilkley, Yorkshire.

‘She said, “I think you’d better look out of the window. It’s Looby Loo”. Initially I thought it was a cardboard cut-out, and they were winding me up,’ he said.

But close examination showed patterns in the moss covering the rock, which came from Ilkley Moor and has been in the garden for years, had suddenly formed
the image.

‘I just thought I was seeing things, but she’s there,’ said Mr Brow, 42. ‘It doesn’t just look like any dog, it looks like our dog.

'The bizarre thing is that spot is exactly where she used to sit.’
Mr Brow, who has four children, Harry, 13, Louis, ten, Charles, eight, and Lillia, four, said : ‘The kids are desperate for a dog and have been pestering me for ages.

‘Perhaps this is a sign we should get one.’"

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