Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Author Lorna Byrne, discussed on her lifelong contact with angels. Byrne, who claims to have been interacting with the entities for as long as she could remember, quipped that she has seen angels "from the moment I opened my eyes."
Over the course of her life, she said, these beings have facilitated contact with her deceased brother as well as foretold who her husband would be and how their relationship would progress. Based on her experience and ability to see the entities.

She believes that every person, regardless of religion or morality, has a guardian angel. In fact, they are so pervasive, Byrne said she would be shocked if she saw someone "without the light of a guardian angel."

On why it appears that guardian angels help some people and not others, Byrne explained that they are only allowed a limited amount of intervention. Ultimately, she said, it is up to humans whether or not they will listen to their guardian angel. "We're the ones that have the power, you have to remember," she observed, "we're the ones who have the power to go right when, deep down inside of us, we know we should go left." She stressed that learning to recognize these messages from our guardian angels, no matter how subtle, could have a profound impact on not only ourselves, but the world at large. "If we'd only listen a little bit more and respond," Byrne mused, "life would be much easier. I know we wouldn't be having war at all."
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