Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snakes On A Plane for Real

Not a paranormal story but seems like a horrible experience to me.Give me Ghosts any day...
"A passenger was arrested after security officials discovered he had carried snakes, birds and a squirrel in hand luggage on a long-haul flight.

In a thankfully less-dramatic version of the 2006 thriller film Snakes On A Plane, fellow passengers were blissfully unaware of the man's box full of pets.

However, police arrested the suspect at Abu Dhabi International Airport after the Etihad Airways flight from Jakarta, Indonesia, when the animals were found with him.

The snakes were identified by an expert as being non-venomous reticulated and blood pythons.

It was unclear how he managed to get the animals past security in Indonesia.

Khamis al Marar, the acting director general of security affairs and ports in Abu Dhabi, stressed that carrying animals on board is strictly prohibited.

In this case, other passengers' safety was at risk, he said.

He added that licensed animals had to travel in specially designed boxes, which should be stored in the aircraft's hold.

The unidentified passenger was travelling on Etihad Airlines flight EY471.

A spokesman said: 'Etihad can confirm a passenger arriving on EY471 from Jakarta on December 3 was detained at Abu Dhabi International Airport, after airport officials located a bag containing live animals on the passenger.

'The matter has been investigated by airport and police authorities and Etihad has co-operated fully on this issue.'

Speaking about how the passenger was able get through security screening, she added: 'This is a matter for airport authorities in Jakarta.

'The airline is currently working with the authorities on their investigation.

'Etihad is increasing its own random hand luggage screening as a result of this incident.'

Last year a Qantas flight was grounded after four pythons being carried in the hold escaped in flight between Alice Springs and Melbourne."By James White

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