Monday, April 27, 2009

Abducted and Detained by a coven?

Still living with the shadows
At the age of 15, Nikki Russo checked into a California hospital for treatment of an eating disorder. It was in this hospital that she was eventually abducted by a nurse, initiated into a coven of witches and thrown into a dark world filled with drugs, alcohol, abuse and intimidation. Nikki Russo hopes The Pomegranate Seed will be a warning to readers not to take anything for granted where cherished institutions are concerned. Today, Russo’s story and struggle to recovery is chronicled in the new book The Pomegranate Seed — Nikki Russo’s Sojourn Through Institutional Failure and the World of the Occult...
I have not read it but sounds interesting

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The Empty Envelope said...

Wow, that does sound really interesting. There are so many horror stories from people who are put into the care of those who are supposed to help, not harm. Unsettling.