Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Puerto Rico: Unwanted Passenger or Trick of the Light?

Researchers of the paranormal have found, over the years, that sometimes the paranormal is researching *them* -- was INEXPLICATA contributor José A. Martínez on the recieving end of one such probe from the unknown?

This morning (04.16.09) José sent us a message and a highly intriguing photograph. While investigating the recent spate of UFO activity in southwestern Puerto Rico, accompanied by Enfoque TV’s Luiseppi Quiñones, the latter took a photo of the rear of José’s car as a test shot. Later, when Quiñones uploaded the digital file to a new program that would keep images from becoming distorted, he chose the one depicting the rear of the auto as a test image. When he magnified it on the computer, he noticed something unusual looking back at him through the rear window. Reportedly, Quiñones remarked to his wife that “he didn’t think one of José’s daughters had come along for the investigation” and that he was otherwise alone. He phoned Martinez to advise him of this condition, and sent him the JPEG. José has very kindly shared this photo file with us and something is indeed visible in the window. A ghost? A hybrid ET? Merely a subtle play of lights and shadow on tempered glass? You be the judge.


I used the picture from the story..

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