Sunday, April 26, 2009

Man Selling "Hand Of God" On Ebay

an interesting find:
"COEUR D'ALENE -- It has been said that the Inland Northwest is God's country and now a North Idaho man says he has God's handprint to prove it.

And luckily for the rest of us it's for sale.

Paul Grayhek found the hand the second Sunday in Lent after a massive rock fall in the shape of a hand came down in his backyard.
"You know I thought I'm supposed to share this because it's not about me, and so I figured hey, I'll put it on eBay," Grayhek said....

It was a strong belief that God moved the rocks in Paul's backyard that turned into a business opportunity.

"It cost me $10 plus to list it on eBay, if I got $100 bucks for it great but what I really want is $100,000," Paul said.

His auction on eBay is for "The Hand of God Rock Wall" which has a minimum bid of $100. It includes exclusive rights meaning you can take pictures, include the hand in a book or movie, even move it if you can figure out how."
The picture does not show it as clearly as the video on the site..(story is first link and video is second.)


The Empty Envelope said...

How...interesting...LOL!!! Wonder what the shipping is on that thing:P.

Robert W. Leonard said...

There is crazy everywhere I suppose.

Frenchell said...

Now this is intresting. how crazy. i am going to print this out for my husband to read. some people are a bit...well, much.