Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Really Weird

However you feel about conspiracy theories or mind control.This is really weird.From a recent brodcast of Coast To Coast AM a researcher spoke of her work and interests.
"...researcher Rayelan Allan discussed her unusual and personal experiences in such areas as covert government programs, mind control, and secret societies like Knights Templar. At one point in her life she began to hear voices, and initially thought she had been chosen to receive New Age-style channeled messages. Later, she found out from her husband, a Naval Officer in the CIA, that what she was actually hearing was "voice to skull" technology, developed as part of the government's electronic warfare program.

Allan discussed her marriage to Gunther Russbacher, the October Surprise Pilot, who she said became a political prisoner. During a trip to Austria, he revealed to her that he was one of the Knights Templar, along with details about the treasures the Templars recovered from King Solomon's Temple.

Before Rayelan married Gunther and had a complete life changing experience, she gave workshops across the United States.
Her workshops were called Activated Cellular Memory.

In 1984 she had a near death experience which resulted in an out of body journey. In the out of body adventure she was taken to a classroom where she was taught how to help people move quickly and painlessly beyond traumas that are holding them back.


Five Easy Steps
To Create
A Manchurian Candidate I can not find the link on the website but I did read it and it discussed operations and plans of the government to use mind control in peace and war.....

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