Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Did You See A Child Here?

The Hospital Administrator and The child

A Hospital Administrator from a hospital in Texas ,who also is a minister, tells of being in an office catching up with some paper work one November evening.The office was in an old Pediatric ward. The ward had been closed for eight years now serving as an office area for a few people.

He heard noises of someone moving around in the hall.He went to investigate.He found a little girl about 7 or 8 with blonde hair and blue eyes playing ball.

He approached her.She reached out toward him, seemed to mouth a few words and began to dematerialize.

Whether he told anyone or moved to a new office is unknown at this point..He did say that two other people asked if he had seen a child there.

The original Art is from the Etsy shop DeadpanAlley http://DeadpanAlley.etsy.com
AMELIE'S BALL--La boule d'Amelie--Original Ink Illustration on Vintage Paper--
You may want to see some of the other work there.Thank you for allowing the use of Amaile.

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