Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ouija Board Warned Of Death

I am not a believer as many of you know in the use of the ouija board.It is not a "game." However these people may not agree. True tales of the Paranormal by Jason Offutt

A young man and his girlfriend had been playing around several weeks with a ouija board.They had contacted a spirit who gave him some information about himself.They had agreed not to use it alone but the girlfriend did.She became quite upset on night telling her boyfriend when he came home that the spirit waned that his car would break down on a certain day and he would be killed because the jack he borrowed would not hold the car.

As it turned out the car did break down at the specified time.He indeed borrowed a jack from his brother in law.Remembering the warning.he waited two days and the two fixed the car without incident....He has never touched a ouija board since although he and the girlfriend credit the spirit for saving his life...

The picture is not of my ouija board earrings which was considered..but one of my favorites called "Seance" from the photos at Global Paranormal Network..


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