Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What If You Came Home To This?

Indiana Jones is not the only one who hates snakes...Cryptomundo is one of my favorite sites.Last week there was an article about the increased sightings in cities of giant Albino snakes.

That whole idea is so gross but must admit that this caught my eye..

..."On Friday, July 10, 2009, a woman was taking a stroll in a trailer park on West Main Street in Annville Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, when she found the 10-foot-long albino Burmese python . The owner was unknown, but latter a local man admitted releasing two pythons because he couldn’t care for them any longer. He has been charged with cruelty to animals and introduction of non-native species into the wild."


MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, my goodness, it brings back my childhood memories of living in the Everglades!

velvetwoods said...

Snakes freak me out !

Kate8085 said...

That man who released the snakes should be flown over an ocean and kicked out the plane, good luck in your new environment, buddy.
(Sorry, super animal lover here! haha)