Sunday, August 2, 2009

A True Titanic Tale

As many people, DF had long been fascinated by the Titanic.She had no relatives aboard to her knowledge.none the less she read and pondered over the sinking of the great shop and the lost lives.

An Exhibit of the artifacts from the Titanic came to a city about an hour away from where she lived.She was eager to visit so she and three friends went for the opening of the event.

She looked over the various items overcome with sadness.As the group went to the gift shop for the exhibit while her friends were entranced with the replica of the jewelry,D found nothing of special importance to her.

As they were about to leave,she saw near the check out samples of actual coal used aboard the ship."I must have this.It was on the ship when it sank." she thought and bought a small piece.It was in a small gold colored box which she put safely in her purse.

The friends went for lunch at a favorite place near by.D however was not at all hungry.In fact,she felt a bit nauseous and sort of agitated..This continued all the way home.

She showed the treasure to her family.No one seemed particularly impressed.She set the package on her nightstand .Thinking of how it had endured the crash and the horrors of the sinking to spend years at the bottom of the sea,she prepared for bed.
She had some thoughts that perhaps she should get rid of it which she had thought at Lunch.She raised the blind and went on to bed.It was around 11PM.

She awoke later with an agitated feeling and looked at the window.There on the second story was the grizzled face of an older rather disheveled man wearing a blue work shirt and overhalls.He looked sad and frightened to her.
She screamed.Her family rushed in but no one was there.

She continued to fret about the piece of coal and considered putting it back in the ocean.She never did.
Neither would she say whether the face returned.She just said she locked it in a bag in her closet.

BTW this is a rrue story.

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MoonDoggie said...

Oooh - I liked this story. The Titanic fascinates me.