Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Girl Ghost

When we lived in Georgia while the children were small we had the biggest and nicest house ever.There was a playroom and two bedrooms and baths downstairs a large upstairs where the two youngest shared a room and all three usually played.Large kitchen, BR LD and DR up there as well.Split foyer with steps up and down.

I often would play with the children going up the stairs on our hands and knees laughing and teasing.I would hear someone behind me laughing and coming up too, although I was last.
The children never mentioned anything.

Several times we were watching TV downstairs while the little ones were in bed upstairs.We would often hear a ball bouncing and running, but when going up to see the children were in bed asleep.

I had long been a believer in ghosts but mot my husband.He was a major debunker of all things Paranormal.

Once,after checking on the kids after a rowdy ball game followed by footsteps down the stairs,he came puffing in mumbling of tricks being played on him and sank onto the couch.
Then there were steps down the stairs and into the room.A babydoll was seated in a doll highchair across the room from the door.There stood a little girl looking about 5 with long black hair wearing a long white nightdress she held her arm out toward the doll walked across the room to her and disappeared.My husband said faltering"Did you see that?"In a fit of pay back I said"See what?"

After that she often appeared when I was mopping on hands and knees which she thought great fun as well as joined us playing in the stairs.The children still made no mention of her nor did I tell them.

I was unable to research the area as the house we rented was only about 10 years old...before the children and I moved to SC when I returned yo work with a position at Clemson.
Our little girl was a happy ghost and enjoyed playing.I wish I had done more to see where she came from and if I could assist her, but the time was not right.


Kala Pohl Studio said...

Wow, great story. That must have shaken your husband:):)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

It was not very nice but from all he said to me about believing,I thought he deserved it