Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unexplained Phone Calls,,From The Dead?

It has been said that receiving phone calls from the dead is a fairly common occurrence.National news following the horrific train crash in California reported an instance of a family receiving 35 calls from the cell phone if one if the victims although he was killed before the calls came.One source indicated tracing the last call helped rescuers find his body.

Some of you are fans of the Coast To Coast AM Radio show.On their site

an interesting article appears called Dead Ringers from a blog by The Paranormal Pastor

He discusses two cases representing the two types he has found most common.One is from the deceased and the other is from a departed loved one to the dying person.

Sometimes voices may be heard directly but most commonly only static is heard.Answering machines however sometimes allow voices to be heard that were not detected by the human ear at the time.


Tuscaloosa said...

I received phone calls shortly after my dad died. Finally I said, "I love you Dad", and they stopped occurring

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