Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sarah Visits Work From My House

Revived this post from last year.
My friend from years ago, when living in Atlanta allowed me to share her OOBE from my Living Room.Sarah was also a Psychiatric Nurse.She had been my student a few years before at UNCCH.We had remained friends with our unusual interest in the Paranormal.
We attended an Edgar Cayce study group together after I moved back to Atlanta.

Sarah was especially interested in developing her Out Of Body Experiences and had been working on this for about six weeks.
One evening when she was visiting me,after the children were tucked in bed, the experiment began.She got comfortable on the couch and planned to visit work.
She worked in a small private hos[ital about a forty five minute (when traffic was lighter) drive from the present location.She gave a running account of the experience which we recorded.

Along the way she saw a car accident with an injured driver being transported to Grady Hospital the Trauma Center where I worked.This was sort of a Ho Hum to me although I did not say so as there is always an accident with a transport to Grady.

.When she arrived she noted the exact time and said who was at the desk and the chart they were reading.
She gave the names of the staff working in the locked area and the nurse giving the medications.
She described the set up for me as I had never been there.

As she was returning,I was on the phone to the charge nurse who verified every detail Sarah had said with not only the names of the people and their activities described but the decorations and information on the two bulletin boards in the area.

This was a quite successful experiment.We were proud.It took place in a matter of eight minutes not including the time for verification of the details.


The Empty Envelope said...

Oh wow. What a cool story. I'm fascinated by these things as well. I just posted on my blog about a 'haunted' graveyard near by.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

great.Thanks am off toread it.