Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Even More Scarey From Nikairo

Yesterday was just a tip of the iceburg of experiences she had in that old house built on the side of a castle in a 1000 year old town. Nikairo shares more...Do not forget to check her shop and the amazing work shown in the video below...

"And about the story I have also another one..In that same house I've been waking up during the night and sow a grey smoky "thing" moving really slowly in the air, it always had a smoky "face" of a sort of snake or dragon with open mouth like it was screaming..I use to watch it for few second and then hide undercover,terribly scared(especially when I was a child) that happened few times per year until I left the house. After I've been living in different country so I changed a lot of houses..Two years ago,we moved to a new flat,for a year and a half and three times during this time it happened again.But now it was a less scary "smoke", pale blue and perhaps more similar to the shape of a body.It didn't scare me although I kept covering me to avoid the sight.(The fact that I cover myself it means that I woke up, and it was not asleep).
In that same house one day my hubby left to go to work, and after a while I heard the front door open, steps toward my room and a deep breath.I thought it was him who forgot something,so I went there, but there was nobody..and the door was closed."

Thank you, Nikairo
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