Thursday, December 4, 2008

Founder Of The Methodist Church Has An Unusual Experience

John Wesiey was a boy pf 13 when in 1715 strange knocking noises began in the family home in Linconshire England..The Wesley family was a large one.Besides John there were 18 other children between the ages of 21 and 7..
Mrs Wesley wrote that"On the first of December,our maid heard at the door of the dining room several dismal groans like a person in extremes,at the point of death." When she looked no one was there.
As days progressed many noises were heard,rapping,swishes as if a rustle of a silken gown,a crackle rocking.footsteps on the stairs and a knocking on the dining table.
The family gradually got used to the disturbances and nicknamed the unseen presence "Old Jeffery"

In the record he kept of the events,John Wesley wrote of the seven year old:,"Kezzy desired no better diversion than to pursue "Old Jeffery" from room to room"

Suddenly after a visit of two months,Old Jeffery left the Wesleys and the Rectory at Epworth has been quiet ever since.

The attention was caught of the scientist Joseph Priestly a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Science, and the discoverer of Oxygen.He studied the facts and in1784 reported his findings in the Arminian Magazine,He suspected one of the sisters had an unconscious part on the matter,The definite cause however of the appearance and disappearance was never discovered.

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