Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Unusual Theatre Experience

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A very interesting experience was recently related to us as well.Here is her story in her own words;

"I had a strange experience in a theatre I was working in last spring.
I had always come in the actor's entrance and never really looked around the lobby. I wanted some coffee during a performance and my friend and I went the back way around and when we got to the lobby I noticed a framed newspaper article on the wall talking about people who had died in a fire in this theatre's original location. As soon as I said, "Oh, no. People died?" the door behind us creaked shut. I turned to look at it and said "I am not here to bother anyone" the door swung up and shut (like a nod, "ok").
Several people gave me "friend of a friend" stories about things they have seen or felt there. It's a great place."

Interesting.Thank you.
Some of the work is in the Animoto short but do check out the shop at the above address.

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