Friday, February 22, 2008

Do You Believe In Near Death Experiences?

When Raymond Moody wrote the first book on Near Death Experiences many years ago, Near Death Experiences were brought to the attention of the public and the field of Medicine.It clarified for me many things described by people I had talked with about their experience when in a "coma"I was a believer and have been.
Not long ago there was a program on either Bio or the History Channel on the topic with several people telling of their personal NDE and two scientists more or less debunking the experience.The theory of the scientists was that these are natural responses to oxygen deprivation within the brain.They showed several CAT scans and a PET scan depicting brain activity in similar stressful situations which seemed to show that.Their idea is that there is not necessarily life after death and experiences such as NDE in no way signifies that there is.It simply,in their opinion,is hallucinatory responses within brain function.
Have you or someone you know had a NDE? Does a yes answer make you more likely to believe?Which gets to the main question"Do you believe in Near Death Experiences(NDE)?"


Dharma Designs said...

Very thought provoking. :-)

Harrach Glass Beads said...

I think it is possible.

Rosebud Collection said...

I have no doubts about it..So much we don't know.