Monday, February 11, 2008

The Radiologist Visits

Some years ago at UVA we had a handsome radiology resident in his last three months in the program.He was well known driving around the party circuit in his red sports car with one woman or another
.He had begun to have several headaches which as so many of the Medical Profession do,he ignored.He began to worry when blurred vision developed but still did not have it checked.One evening on call he passed out during a procedure .He was rushed to the ER then admitted.Turns out he has a tumor which if removed would leave him blind( assuming all could be removed.)
There was a blind Psychiatrist on the faculty several of us mentioned to him and the psychiatrist went to see him. but that offered him little support.Radiology was his life.
After about six weeks, he drove his car into a tree and was killed.He was greatly missed.
Some month later,someone walking in the hall at night ,when hardly any staff were there, could be heard No one saw anyone.Around noon a week later when the department was quite busy,file drawers started opening and closing.Soon the night staff began to see him walking down the hall carrying what seemed a record and entering the last room he had used.This became a regular happening.A few times the day shift saw him also.After six months the sightings and noises stopped.We would like to think he had crossed over.I have heard though that on the anniversary of his diagnosis, not death,he reappears. Such a sad thing.

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Infinite Cosmos said...

wow, that story gave me chills!! that is scary and so sad!!