Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Harlot And The Haunted Earrings

Some years ago when I was working on the admissions unit at Hawaii State Hospital the police brought in a 52 year old thin and scraggley looking woman.She was tall,dressed in bright but torn and frayed clothing, had long, limp and dirty graying hair with $100 bills tucked in all the garmets and body orifices.The total was around $10,000.(One of the nurses said "Well ladies maybe we are in the wrong profession" another replied also outside of the patient's hearing of course,"There certainly is hope for us yet.") Our new unknown patient also had two black eyes,a split lip and two broken ribs.
The police reported that she had some kind of "problem" with a group of Japanese tourists.They said she attacked one of them and injured him.They denied hurting her.She denied hurting the man and denied that the men had hurt her."It is the earrings"she said"They did it.Those===earrings.They are cursed.I just wanted him to take them back."
She would say nothing but that from the time they picked her up throughout the Emergency Room stay and the long ride to our Hospital.All that was known was that one of her admirers short of cash had earlier that evening given her a pair of Emerald earrings belonging to his wife's mother.She put them on but they kept coming off and reappearing on the floor or the table.
The honorable man kept returning them to her.As the evening progressed both got more and more agitated about the supposedly valuable earrings.She returned from the bathroom on one occasion with a black eye.She said it came from the earrings.Then,one said the bed began to shake and threw her to the floor causing more injury.Someone called the police and they found the man with scratches down both sides of his face bleeding and the woman on the floor looking as she did when we saw her.
The police picked them all up and took the injured to the ER at Queen's Hospital.As she "continued to rant and rave"she was sent to us for a 72 hour observation.The men were sent along their way.The earrings were kept as "evidence"
Nothing further was discovered about the incident.She never changed her story other than saying they were "haunted" instead of "cursed."
Following her discharge from the hospital,a policeman returned to check about the earrings,We did not have them nor had she had them with the belongings returned.It seems they were missing from the evidence locker.Want to bet they were on the way home to Japan to their rightful owner?