Friday, February 15, 2008

Just A Note

I am so computer incompetent it never ceases to be amazing.This is off the paranormal theme for sure but I have worked for HOURS just to put together a page on Squidoo.It is about personal style which I divided into four types: Classic,Artistic ,Romantic, and Geometric.
It lists hair,makeup,clothing and jewelry characteristic of each.Should be simple,right?Had picked some of my favorites from Etsy to illustrate each style.Other artists there who unlike me have excellent pictures as well.But I was never able to get the pictures up.I tried the HTML from the mini and that did not work nor the code given to get pictured from the web.It turns out to be a long all text thing which looks very boring.Two just not what I wanted pics that are not good examples from my things.Yech.
Anyway,I believe personal style is related to choices of jewelry among other things.If you would like to check it out and wade through to see what fits you,it is

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susanlambert said...

I think your blog is really interesting. Will come back and read it again.

twiddlestix said...

I have the same problem with computers. It's crazy how long it takes me to do something! You will learn though!