Friday, February 29, 2008

An Etsy Artist's Experience With A Dying Patient

One of my fellow Etsy sellers who also is a nurse, shared an experience she had some time ago with a patient she describes as:one of the sweetest kindest person I have ever known."
She herself makes jewelry You can see her work at the site for all handmade products,Her store is runs it with her husband.This is in the profile presented there:

Welcome to Farm Life, our name says it all! A little slice of heaven in eastern North Carolina where the people will welcome you with open heartThank you for visiting our shop, we use only hypo-allergenic materials, sterling silver, 14K gold plated, gem stones, unique beads and anything found from Mother Nature!! We offer custom work and welcome any ideas and comments. Our jewelry is handcrafted by a disabled Veteran, which we guarantee 100%. We look forward to doing business with you, and perhaps designing a unique piece of jewelry just for you! Our shipping cost includes insurance, delivery confirmation, and a gift box.
Bill and Eileen

I hope you will visit and see the lovely work there.The Blue Royalty is pictured.

This is Eileen;s experience in her own words

" I am a Nurse, and have a few experiences,(with believing in ghosts) one being while I was sitting in a room with a man who was very close to death. I was holding his hand and speaking quietly to him, when he passed, I swear I saw his spirit leaving his body. It was very quick, and I was not frightened or anything, but I just knew that was what just happened."

A similar story has been reported by by many nurses or other Health Care workers as well as family members with the dying.Sometimes a mist appears and rises.Sometimes a familiar deceased family member or a religious figure,usually Jesus,is mentioned by the dying person.


Plaidfuzz said...

Wow, that's kind of creepy!

Rosebud Collection said...

My niece lost her son at 4years old and said she saw his spirit leave his body..I never doubted it for a minute. I really enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a bit ok very scary.
I like the refrence to Jesus.

Mystic Silks said...

I know the experiences one can have when working with dying patients. I worked as a Hospice Nurse for 5 years,and was paid a visit by my patient after he 'died'.

He told me while in this life, that he would haunt me, and he kept his promise, too!
There is so much more to 'life' then we can ever fully know.

Mystic Silks