Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do You Believe This?

This is something for which I cannot reveal the source (because I have forgotten it.)I read this tidbit about ten years ago when reviewing some literature.I do not know whether I believe it or not.I thought it rather ghoulish at the time.However the very fact that at my age,I have remembered it this long shows it made an impact.
A physician was studying the weight of thr Human Soul so he weighed 60 people before and after death and found in 58 the "soul" weighed four and one half ounces....What do you think of this?


earmark said...

i think that is crazy... how interesting though! you have got me thinking! i love your blog. thank you for sharing!

Nicole Solo said...

isn't there a movie about something like this? interesting tidbit

Voodoo Who Do said...

I read that same thing. I had all but forgotten it.

It's true.