Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Do you knit?"

Thought it might be time to catch up.I have been ery busy with making wood watches and incorporating ceramic animal beads in my jewelry.Found some darling ones at Animal Hut.
My newest addition however comes from a ghostly encounter,a dream,a talent that I do not have,and some new glass beads.If you wish to see it, way down on this page is the picture.It is the first picture ever for this blog.I have so much to learn...
The dream was of my great great grandmother Lowry who Mother said visited her once as she rocked a screaming me in the chair where three generations rocked their babies.
Mother was quite tired and flustered .As Grandmother Lowry came to appear at her side she was frightened,however she felt a light touch on her forehead and immediately felt peaceful and relaxed.That is one of only two paranormal experiences which Mother had.
In my dream mother was knitting.Grandmother said in the dream,"Treasure this child."A nice dream.I never knew Grandmother Lowry although I did inherit her Cameo.I never felt treasured by my Mother which would have been something longed for one may guess,all these years.
My cousin called the next day and told me his wife had a mysterious experience the night before.She was up later than usual and thought she heard a rocker in their youngest daughter's room.The daughter has been away for several years in Dental School.There is a rocking chair in that room as well as one jn the room where his wife sat.She went to check on the sound and saw an old lady sitting in the chair with a shawl around her shoulders while she was busily knitting.The lady said to tell Suzanne she is treasured and the beads are fine....
I had just finished the necklace.For some reason,I wanted those beads . I do not knit but had the idea for the design for some time and went ahead and did it.I like it and it seems Grandmother Lowry does too.Why she told Joyce and not me,is a mystery.Curious isn't it.
Not all, in fact until now none of my pieces has a colorful history.This did not go in the description.

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