Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 Etsy Artists Tell Of Seeing A Ghost

We were discussing ghosts the other day on a forum at Etsy.Today I will share snippets from three Etsy Artists who posted there.Some of their work is seen in the video butt I am sure you would like to visit their shops and see more.

quietnightstudio says:
"I have seen one.It was a dead little boy that had died in the house my friend used to rent.I think she said he died in the 70's.I'd seen him in the hallway mirror and he also liked to turn the lights off.Other than being dead he seemed like a fun little guy,"

Samsshop says:
"oooo.Seeing a ghost is on my "Bucket List"When I was about 14, I came home to an empty house after school.I was in my room and out of the corner of my eye I saw a black shadow come up the stairs and go into my parents room. I called out, thinking it was my mom that came home,but it wasn't.Not sure if it was just my eyes/mind playing tricks on me or if it was a ghost.My mom's family says that my grandmother visits everyone..maybe it was her?"

Moonstr says:
"natty I am living in a house where someone hung themselves in.I see things a lot."


Anonymous said...

The Ghostbusters will be here next week. I am so looking forward to writing this story.
We have a flower shop that was once a train depot. Apparently someone was murdered there back in the early 1800s and the owner of the flower shop finds all of her arrangements moved around every morning when she opens.
Someone took a picture of the shop during the daytime and there is an image of a face in the background. It is an image of the murdered man.
The photo has been authenticated and has not been tampered.
Sounds so exciting and sure beats writing about politics!!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

That is so fantastic.Can not wait to hear..Keep me in the loop.It is exciting.

Allison said...

Eerie !