Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gracie Bird Has Spirit Guesrs

Cheryl has a shop selling Handmade products on Etsy.Her various talents in creating are shown there.Some are in the video. She says she can not remember when she was not creating."I come from a long line of amazingly talented craftswomwn she says."
See her shop
http:// graciebird.etsy.com

I asked how she came to be at Etsy, and what she most enjoys making.
"I discovered Etsy about 18 months ago while doing a Google search for a tutorial on duct tape wallets. I never made the wallet but I signed on with Etsy and put up my first listing that day.
Making jewelry is my primary passion and the one I always come back to. That said, I dabble at everything else from flameworked glass to my current obsession with toddler clothing."

When asked her thoughts about the supernatural,she said
"Other than a deep conviction that the spirit or essence of those who've gone before us remain close, I don't think much about otherworldly matters. If you were able to read the little memorial poem from my wedding pics, it kind of sums up my feelings."
I did not,but it was the story of her wedding that drew me to her along with her charmand talent,of course.Here is the wedding in her own words.

" I never thought much one way or another about such things until recently. I'm sure you are familiar with the phenomena of spirits orbs in photographs. I was married last September and when I got my wedding pics, several have what my sister swears are spirit orbs.My wedding was Sept. 15, 07 an almanac will confirm there was no full moon.
My wedding was in the courtyard or a 100+ year old church. Part of the prelude to the ceremony was my mother lighting a candle in memory of my father, my groom's mother, his God-father, his stepbrother, and a dear friend.

One photo shows three orbs- one near my mother and another near a young widowed friend of mine whose husband's memorial service was held at the same church. I have goose bumps telling you this!

I'll let you see what you think before I point out what I believe I see. On the second photo, if you are viewing on an LCD screen you may have to sort of look down on the screen. There are many more."

Thank you for telling your story.Cheryl.It is nice to know your loved ones attended your wedding.
You will enjoy visiting her shop.Nothing supernatural there just supertalented.


Gracie Bird said...

Awesome Suzanne! Thanks so much!!

Rachel said...

I'm never sure about what's possible but I do enjoy watching Paranormal State and it can freak me out :o)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

you are welcome,Cheryl
Rachel,do not spook yourself but I felt that wat years ago also but never stopped looking and reading..Thanks for coming and commenting.

The Nature Nut said...

Wow! That story about the orbs in the wedding photos have me goosebumps!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks nature nut.Hope the goose bumps are good ones .Happy Earth Day.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks nature nut.Hope the goose bumps are good ones .Happy Earth Day.