Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Palm Reading

Palm reading or palmistry has been around for thousands of years as early as 3,000 BC in China it is said
.To most of us ,though it brings a picture of a brightly dressed Gypsy woman with scarves and hoop earrings offering to tell our fortune for a fee.
No one more than these
gypsies has done more to pass along the secrets of this art of palm reading.In fact the main reason is this link ,that has shrouded palmistry in secrecy,intrigue and suspicion.
This mobile group that moved about among all cultures and races has captured peoples attention.The Gypsies were at their most influential during the middle Ages.,when the Holy Roman Empire employed them as a far reaching spy network.

There are people even today that believe our characteristics and future may be determined by reading our hands.
One hand, usually the one you write with is said by most to tell your story while the other is your destiny.

Unlike many may think,it is not necessarily the lines that give the most information.In general, the lines are read last.These other aspects are included
The shape of the hand
The size of the hand
The shape and thickness of the palm
The spaces between the hands and each of the fingers.
The size,shape,length, and color in the nails.
The length of the fingers
The shape of the fingertips
The mounds,their shape,size and marks
The lines


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