Friday, April 4, 2008

Two Unusual Thoughts About UFOs

First is my perhaps weird wondering as a believer in Aliens and UFOs.If they have been around cruising the Comos and sighted here on earth since ancient times, it seems unlikely they mean us harm.We could have been wiped out or taken over an eon ago.
In Europe during the early times,the Mentally Ill were kept in prisons chained to the walls.Thankfully, a Dr Pinel in the Mid 1700's began to unlock them and change things beginning in France.A common outing for a family would be going down to see the Lunatics.Much as we might go to the zoo or Disney World.They felt no matter how poor that they were far advanced and above these poor unfortunates.
Why could that not be sort of like that for the Aliens.Seeing how we live and our little technical advances compared with theirs might just be some tours or family vacations?I do not intend to minimize the events nor can it explain the reported abductions,but who knows/
According to a report recently more scientists and astronomers are taking the whole thing of ET life seriously.Over 60% of the population think it is real and should be investigated.

A Los Angeles Staff writer recently reported that a leader,Peter Davenport, in the area of UFO study has moved his records and his center of operations to eastern Washington state. To protect his findings and be assured they will withstand most earth changes he purchased a former nuclear missel site.

Davenport is the Director of The National UFO Reporting Center.A non profit clearing house and 24 hour Hotline for reporting sightings,
The center has been in continuous operation since 1970.It is known worldwide by those interested in UFOs.They receive around 200,000 reports a year.

This is the worlds most comprehensive though unofficial UFO databases.

He bought an old windowless missel complex deep underground.A large steel door over a foot thick opens to the underground tunnels. The Air force decommissioned the base in 1968 and it sat empty until Davenport bought it in 2007 for $100,000.
He does not explain why but it is assumed the purchase and for protection.Work continues as usual and he himself investigates the near by and most interesting cases.
Some wonder if he is protecting these from the government,some from natural disasters related to Global warning and some from Alien invasion.,,

The Air force decommissioned the bae in 1968 and it sat e


GracieBird said...

Fascinating stuff here. Do you have any interest in the spiritual realm as well or mostly the alien?

Christopher And Tia said...

I love your blog. I've seen multiple UFO's. I don't know if they were aliens or not, but they sure were creepy.