Saturday, February 7, 2009

Etsy Comments On Shape Shifting

To end up the focus on Shape Shifting,here are a few more of the comments made on the forum thread.

1OnceUponARoom says:
Hubby was cutting wood at my brother in law's family home in the Six Nations Reserve. He was warned not to cut several trees down that had charms in them, or he might run into troubles with this guy's father, who apparently is a shape shifter. everytime we burn the wood in our woodstove I keep a close eye on my cat, you just never know...

1OnceUponARoom says:
Sure you can use it- I always joke that we're gonna see faces or something in the fire against the glass of the woodstove when we burn that wood, lol. We didn't cut down the charm trees though. Phew. Apparently this guy takes the form of an eagle from time to time if he needs onto the property since he isn't supposed to be there.

Pffft, buddy, it's still tresspassing... c'mon."

Love it...

SquishySushi says:
"I met a guy named Paul down in Golden Gate Park (that's where all the crazies live, well that and civic center) He was convinced that a native American shape shifter was after him and trying to steal his soul. He had a great story about this meeting this shifter and two hands going into his back and squeezing his lungs. Then again he was a junkie and ran off to florida because god was talking to him too."

Jemjoop says:
reading a book called Monster of the North Woods about Bigfoot sightings in the Adirondacks and several of the eyewitnesses claim it's a shapeshifter.

It does talk about the Native American legend of a bigfoot/shapeshifter."

Very interesting.had not thought about BigFoot as one...

Thank you all.There is a link to the shop listed for checking out their work.Know you will not want to miss that.This topic is not their main interest...


Jen said...

Very interesting stories. Thanks for sharing!

Jemjoop said...

Book also says it carries with it a distinctly awful sulphuric smell. Interesting reading.

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