Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seeking Yeti

The Yeti was dubbed the Abominable Snowman in 1921 after an Everest expedition found large footprints at 21,000ft

The hunt for the elusive creature - said to be 10ft tall, part man, part ape and otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman - has frustrated scientists for decades.

Now tests at Oxford Brookes University on hairs said to be from a Yeti in India have failed to link the strands with any known species.

Ape expert Ian Redmond, who is leading the research, said: "The hairs are the most positive evidence yet that a Yeti might possibly exist.

"It may be that the region this animal is inhabiting is remote enough for it to remain undiscovered so far."

The two hairs - 33mm and 44mm long - were found in a jungle in the mountains of north-east India five years ago.

A forester claimed to seen a Yeti, known locally as mande barung or "forest man", two days in a row breaking branches off trees and eating their sap.

The recent return of the first expedition searching for Yeti in 2009 has come back with a few frightening stories. The hunt was supported by MonsterQuest, who filmed an episode of their Season Three during the investigative journey.

Senior producer Will Yates sYS that the team found themselves, indeed, on “a dangerous expedition out in Nepal. The trekking was much more difficult than they anticipated and at one point a crew member nearly slipped to his death. At the end of the expedition helicopters had to do an extraction off the mountain.”(From

"Team member Adam Davies (, author of Extreme Expeditions, concurrently makes this report, via a new email to me:

I’m recovered from my Nepal trip. Here is an update on the Yeti expedition.

I think the Nepal expedition will prove to be the most textured and interesting MQ to date, for viewers. Not just because of evidence gathered, but also because of the dangers the team had to face.

The Himalayas in winter are not to be taken lightly. In addition, the team ventured to one of the remotest areas on earth.

Even given the use of helicopters, we still had to trek for days afterwards to reach our final destination. In pursuit of evidence, myself and the crew, really did risk our lives on top of the mountains, which were both terrible and beautiful.
Adam continues,

On a cryptozoological note, one very exciting point is that the prints found by Mr.Yagihara’s team are definitely NOT a Langur monkey. Having travelled to the area (and you will hopefully see this explained in the television episode) there is no way a monkey would have been at this location. Thus, as far as I’m concerned, the previous footprints found remain “unidentifiable primate.”

The evidence is still being analysed.

All I can say at this stage is that I absolutely loved making the show, and it was very, very hard work. Luckily, I’m minus only one toenail, (rather than any other body parts) and that should grow back soon!!!

Cryptomundo was happy to receive word that the team members made it back, safe and sound, and we look forward to this program about the Abominable Snowmen.

Season Three of “MonsterQuest” kicks off with its season premiere Wednesday, February 4th at 8 pm Eastern/9 pm Central. Their show on Yeti evidence will be broadcast at a later date."

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