Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rupert's Visit

LadyMonica is a talented artist with a shop at Etsy.Monica`s sense of creativity as always been at the center of her life like a fairy`s wand branding in the air of the moment. From landscaping to snow sculpture, festive decorations, paintings, drawings, theater
decors, jewelery, personalized birthday cards, t-shirt and poster design,fashion, ... over the years these artistic self expression celebrated
the joy of sharing her unique talent within her community whether the art work was intended for public viewing or as a gift for friends and family.

Today, her love for animals and the forest has challenged Monica to make one of her dreams come true. She now lives on her own farm in the peaceful surroundings of the Lanaudiere region located in Quebec, Canada with her husband and all the family pets and horses !
The video shows some of her work. I encourage you to visit her shop

Here is her experience in her own words.

"I used to have a miniature Pinscher called Rupert. His passing came as a trategy in my life because it had been just 3 months my husband and me we had moved to our new home in the country and the dog got hit by a car.

Rupert was a very courageous dog and most people who would see him would be impress by his confidence. He would not be afraid of bigger dogs or anything! Not long after we passed away, one stormy evening, we had just came back from shopping and we notice when we went to check our 4 horses in the barn that one of them was missing.

I had not lock his stall door properly and he must have pushed it open. So, by then it was very dark and still raining, we could not see the horse anywhere. We tried calling him but no familiar noise echoed back. Until we both heared a barking noise like Rupert used to do. My husband quickly followed the sound and found our lost horse wondering near the woods that was at the end of our neighbor's hay field beside our property!

Till this day, when I think of this night, I thank my " Rupert" for his help.
17 February 2009 8:29am EDT


Rosebud Collection said...

What a great story..I enjoy reading happy stories like this..and I do believe them..
Have been terrible blogging this winter..happy to visit your blog again..

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Si glad to have you back.I missed you.