Monday, February 23, 2009

The Worst Nightmare Could It Be?

If you were brave enough to read the last post,you will shudder in horror at this.A recent return to the Coast To Coast AM site found this story.The original might be true today.It is also on

"On Sunday, February 15, 2009, Columbia Today is reporting that a giant snake is terrifying farmers in the north Colombia department of Córdoba. Eyewitnesses say the snake has a size never seen in the region.

According to Caracol Radio, the residents of villages near the swamp of Betancí are scared of the snake they say is 12 meter (39 feet) long and approximately 20 centimeters (8 inch) thick.

Locals have reported no accidents with the snake, but are terrified and called on local authorities to catch the reptile before anyone gets hurt and to return calmth to the communities.

It will be recalled that only ten days ago the international media was full of news of the discovery of a giant fossil snake. The colossal newly discovered snake Titanoboa cerrejonensis was found in Colombia."

Cross Columbia off the Places To Visit list!

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The Empty Envelope said...

Interesting. I *just* found cryptomungo the other night. I love coincidence, so seeing it on here thrills me as well.

And I found that site because I had to look up our Minneapolis bridge collapse and one woman claiming to have seen Mothman before it fell. She claimed it afterward though. I had some strange Mothman experiences before it fell too, but not sure anyone believes me.