Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shape Shifting 1

in planning posts on "Shapeshifting", I asked in an Etsy forum about thoughts and experiences of people there.I thought it would be suitable to begin with featuring one of the responses.
buddhanature says:
"The squamish and Lil'wat cultures in my area have some stories about "transformers" who appear to you when a serious change is needed in your life. They are also responsible for changing humans into other things as punishment and example to others. Also occasionally they transform humans into animals to honour them. ...
One friend told me about the three transformers, one of which is a serpent. He told me that he had heard from people who had seen the serpent transformer. Apparently he is like 20 ft. long, and has gold horns. The transformers live in caves along the Lillooet river in BC."

Also mentioned in the post were some pictures and an item in the shop related to these.The rock painting in the shop video is based on one.In the shop are other interesting things and the announcement which reads:
'Here you will find all the things you need to live in harmony with nature and your surroundings. Gentle incense burns and a little soft tabla music plays while you browse our serene shop. Maybe a bit of friendly banter with the shop keep while you peruse our lovingly prepared wares. Perhaps you are a friend, here to offer and receive friendly advice, blessings and healing.
Welcome! We love you!"
To visit the shop

The video shows a few items found there.

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