Monday, February 9, 2009

I Saw Bigfoot..for Real

Having just returned from a Big Foot quest,I must tell you He is definitely seen on Etsy.Here are the featured items but there are more if you search Big Foot at Mens T Shirt in several colors Red Magnet Earrings Writing set pillow



nicaeli said...

great items! I am always on the lookout for gifts for my bigfoot loving sister and nephew.

Being that I live in the Redwood curtain of Northern California, I always hope to catch just a glimpse of Bigfoot on my various adventures. No such luck yet. Maybe one day:)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thsnks.hope you see him in your travels among the redwoods.

Christina said...

Thank you for featuring me! Glad to say I sold that pillow! Whether it's because of this blog or not, thanks either way for taking a look at it! :)