Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recovered UFOs & ETs:

Recently, a program included UFO researcher and former U.S. Army Sergeant, Clifford Stone.He spoke about his covert work with the military, helping to recover crashed discs, and communicating with ETs. In one such operation, he said his team came upon a heel-shaped craft that was embedded in the ground, and an alien, similar to what is described as a "grey," lying outside the ship.

Having had ET encounters as a child, Stone said he was called upon to communicate with the captured alien being, who was being held in a military facility. The ET had chalk-like grey skin, and large black eyes with vertical slits, and the two conversed telepathically. He ended up helping the being to escape, and it was rescued by ET craft, he detailed. The military has tried to back-engineer ET craft, and between 1986-7 they got one into the air, but it crashed, he noted.

57 different alien species have been cataloged visiting our planet-- some of them so bizarre appearing that you wouldn't recognize them as life forms, while others could pass for human, he stated. They're able to travel here through wormholes, but arrive outside of our atmosphere so as not to cause disturbances such as sonic booms, Stone continued.

Sounds rather credible but WOW.The picture is a pipe "Flying High" from potterheads at etsy.Is not he appealing for an Alien.See more of their work at


Meekiyu said...

The Universe is pretty darn big... i won't doubt that there are other living creatures out there in the vastness of space.

nadiahandmade said...

wonderful story - i can hear the epic alien music play right now...!