Saturday, February 21, 2009

Look Up In Tuscon

Home Sweet Home Wherever It Is, Notecard from original art FancyMeFlyin

Tuscon is famous in the world of Jewelry Artists for THE bead show to attend.There has been an event recently that captured even more attention.There was a series of UFO sightings."This ain't no bead show Baby" said a friend who lives there and was among those who saw it.

Michael Cohen reports:
"A number of witnesses have come forward to describe remarkable sighting of a UFO in the vicinity of the city of Tucson, Arizona. The UFO is being described as classic saucer shaped with red glowing lights. The craft was spotted on the evening of 11 February 2009.

One witness was sitting and watching television with her husband, a former Airman, and her daughter when she noticed a UFO through a large glass sliding door that looks out towards the Tucson Mountains behind her backyard.
The witness described the object as disc shaped with non-strobing red lights at its front and rear. She estimated it was moving south to north at an altitude of about 150m. The object then ‘exploded’ in a large blaze of bright white light and sped away horizontal to the earth at an incredible speed.
At this point she alerted her husband.

Soon afterwards helicopters were seen moving in the direction of the craft. The witness’s husband, who had served in the Air Force, thought the helicopters might have been Blackhawks.

Another witness was driving a truck just outside of Tucson when he saw pretty much the same thing. He described the explosion and subsequent fantastic speed as ‘unbelievable, probably alien’. Local police also noted that a few calls had been taken regarding the incident.

Many are wondering whether the military is testing secret aircraft in Arizona or do aliens simply enjoy its wide open spaces. At least one of the witnesses seems to think the latter."



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