Friday, October 24, 2008

Childhood Reincarnation?

babyrocksmohawks from Etsy has a story that shocked her mother.Whether you believe in reincarnation,or not,it will make you wonder.
The profile at the store says"We're two redheaded mamas trying to have fun and it's getting a little out of control!!! We sell our hats here in town at the Saturday Market and love being on Etsy!

Amy is the fleece goddess! She makes the wonderful fleece hats that you all covet! Amy is also the artistic hand behind the wonderful clothing designs. She has a beautiful son Spencer who is 2 and a half. You can see his mischievous smile in some photos.

Maiya is the master of the needles! She knits the fabulous hats you drool over! Maiya is the mad scientist who creates the beautiful dyes for our clothing. She has a beautiful son Bailey who is two. You can see his chubby cheeks in our photos as well" Eugene Oregon is their home base.Right now the One Of A Kind Onesies are on a sale.They are planning for a big Craft Show in the area."Please excuse our lack of inventory right now. We're knee deep in preparing for our local holiday market. But please, feel free to contact us to request a hat or shirt not seen in our shop. Cheers!"The shop is found at:

Here is the story
"My mom told me when I was about two years old I was playing with my doll. I was playing like I was giving birth to her. When my mom asked me what I was doing, I told her all about childbirth using words I should not have known.

And a little while after that she took me to the doctor for an ear infection and I asked the doctor if he was going to cup me open again. He asked what I meant and I told him last time I went to the doctor, he cut me open here and showed him where a Cescarian scar would be. I looked at my mom and told her that was my other daughter, Cheryl. She had a time trying to explain that to the doctor!

But I don't remember any of this."

What do you think?


The Ebon Swan said...

My sister had an episode when she was about three...I thought at first that she was sleepwalking again (I was 15 at the time), but she spoke very clearly and articulately to me, and she has autism and barely spoke at all. She told me that I knew very well that her baby had died, and not to upset her again. I um...tucked her back in and she went back to sleep, when she woke she was fine. Still unnerves me when I think about it.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Incredible experience.It see,s much more frequent than we realize.She is/was lucky to have such a sensitive sister.