Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winner of The Halloween Story Contest

Here it is from the mountains of North Georgia the story in his own words:

"Demonic Presence or Spontaneous Human Combustion

Some people believe Halloween is a time of unusual communication with the dead.I do not necessarily agree but did have a very unusual Halloween Eve several years ago.I was asked to investigate an old three story farm house in the mountains of North Georgia.

I had attended college near there several years ago.Many of my classmates knew of my interest in Paranormal research even though there were no opportunities to study it there.
A classmate had told me of this house that belonged to a distant relative,As is said there "A cousin on my mother's side twice removed."He said that the family had kept the house for several generations adding some improvements and extra rooms in no special order through the last 100 years.

It was told that on three occasions there had been "very strange fires".One nearly destroyed the top floor and a young woman had died.The other two fires had taken place in the past decade.One was in the living room only and the second in the kitchen.
No one was home at the time of the fires neither did the Volunteer Fire Department respond.
The police were called by the family upon their return because human remains were found in the burned area.
No one ever discovered who these bodies were or how they happened to be in the house.Each fire had happened the night before Halloween.

In attempts to deal with my rather boring Accountant job, I with two friends do some paranormal investigations in the Gainesville area.
At my college friends' request,put something like a dare, we set off to the mountains to spend the night in the house and see if a fire started that Halloween Eve .There also were some recurring footsteps and noises from the upper floor reported.

With cameras, recorders,EVP's and enthusiasm we arrived and set up shop.
Around midnight we heard the noises upstairs but found nothing.There were areas of cold but nothing else.
We returned to the Living Room, which was our base, and sat watching the monitors.

Around 3AM "The Demon's Hour" there was a big whoosh sound.To our amazed eyes, the Recliner burst into flames.In our amazement and rush as we saw someone sitting in the chair..we did not take any pictures but rushed to put out the flames.
Someone had thoughtfully brought a small fire extinguisher usually in a kitchen.By the time she got it and ran to the chair, the flames were out.

Sitting in the chair was a charred human looking form with one undamaged arm and foot protruding.M reached for the video camera and just as quickly, the form disappeared.

The whoosh sound and our reactions were on the tape and the video but not one picture from the entire stay showed on the films.

We were stumped and frightened.We left quickly with a plan never to return.Accounting looked a whole lot better after this experience.

On the way home we discussed whether the first fire might have been a case of Spontaneous Human Combustion and the other two some sort of haunting or demon apparition of the same type thing.Who knows?.."

Wow....Happy Halloween


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Art By MAR said...

Great story! I LOVE Halloween stories.

TheresaJ said...

Wow -- amazing story!

It actually reminded me of a story I haven't told or thought about in years. My aunt and uncle used to live right next to a cemetery. I remember playing there as a child when my parents visited. The house was on a street with a row of about 4 old stone-front houses with backyards with no fences, but with a few rows of corn separating the backyards from the cemetery. I remember always feeling it was a creepy place when I was a kid, yet I love cemeteries -- to this day -- as they are the most wonderful outdoor museums. Anyway, I remember family stories about the house being haunted. One story that comes to mind is the one of the fire in the kitchen.

They had swinging shutter doors that led to the kitchen. My aunt would always keep them latched to the wall - open. One night, while in bed, she heard the doors swinging, but knew she had latched them earlier. She got up and latched them again, checked around the house, and then went back to bed. A few minutes later, they were swinging again. She got up and again checked the house, relatched the doors, and then went back to bed. A bit later, she heard the doors swinging again, but this time, when she got to the kitchen, the garbage had been moved to the center of the kitchen and was on fire.

How's that for creepy.

I have always wondered... was this a mischevious ghost, or was it perhaps trying to alert her to a hot ember in the garbage. My aunt and uncle both smoked, and if she had dumped an ashtray in the trash with a not quite put out cig but while cleaning up before going to bed, without the alert, it could have been disastrous.

Some of her other stories, which I don't quite recall the details of, seemed like it was a much more mischevious haunting though.

I also remember there was an old hospital bed in the basement. It was there when they moved in. That part of the basement was colder than the rest of the basement and being in that area of the garage always left you feeling a bit scared -- or freaked out.

Psychic said...

That's a nice and wonderful story truly. Love Halloween stories too.

Friendlyhands said...

Happy Halloween ♥

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you all for coming and taking the time to comment.Is not Theresa's story good too a double bonus for those who post can read it.Thanks for it,T