Saturday, November 1, 2008

Theresa's Story

Halloween is over but the ghost sightings and stories do not stop there..I was disappointed in the Coast to Coast AM Show last night.While the content was interesting the guest apparently is a much better writer than speaker.So bad that I fell asleep.

Those of you who read the comments here yesterday were treated to an extra story posted by Theresa.It will keep you awake.So good that I am repeating it here as the feature today.Thank you so much for sharing it,Theresa,Her comments:

" Wow -- amazing story!

It actually reminded me of a story I haven't told or thought about in years. My aunt and uncle used to live right next to a cemetery. I remember playing there as a child when my parents visited. The house was on a street with a row of about 4 old stone-front houses with backyards with no fences, but with a few rows of corn separating the backyards from the cemetery. I remember always feeling it was a creepy place when I was a kid, yet I love cemeteries -- to this day -- as they are the most wonderful outdoor museums. Anyway, I remember family stories about the house being haunted. One story that comes to mind is the one of the fire in the kitchen.

They had swinging shutter doors that led to the kitchen. My aunt would always keep them latched to the wall - open. One night, while in bed, she heard the doors swinging, but knew she had latched them earlier. She got up and latched them again, checked around the house, and then went back to bed. A few minutes later, they were swinging again. She got up and again checked house, relatched the doors, and then went back to bed. A bit later, she heard the doors swinging again, but this time, when she got to the kitchen, the garbage had been moved to the center of the kitchen and was on fire.

How's that for creepy.

I have always wondered... was this a mischevious ghost, or was it perhaps trying to alert her to a hot ember in the garbage. My aunt and uncle both smoked, and if she had dumped an ashtray in the trash with a not quite put out cig but while cleaning up before going to bed, without the alert, it could have been disastrous."


Beat Black said...

oooo, spooky! i love a good ghost story :)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Indeed spooky story, but interesting though:)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for coming by and taking yime to comment.Love those spooks..