Monday, November 17, 2008

MoonFlowerHerbs & The Candle

From a very interesting thread on Etsy.MoonFlowerHerbs shared her experience with a new candle she was making.It is not pictured.She said,"I should have pictured it at Halloween.LOL"
Those of you who have not discovered her lovely shop will see some of her work in the video posted here, but will probably want to check out more at

The pictures with this posting are from the two others who responded about her post.

Both worthy of checking out as well...

Here is the story in her own words:
"I made some blue candles once, and after a while, the colors started separating. The red came out and now they look like they're bleeding....
nursesnaturally says:
' where did the red come from: Did you mix the colors yourself?;
Yes, I used new liquid colors, with a new wax..neither of which I had used before. I should have listed them on halloween. lol"

Her story drew a few comments
spongetta says:
The bleeding candles sound fascinating! Is that something you could ever replicate?
LonesomeRoadStudio says:
nothing creepy here, but I'm loving the bleeding candle story!

Cool story.Thanks MoonFlowerHerbs


kim* said...

her bag is cool :)

BlenderBach said...

a bleeding candle sounds like a great halloween buy! Or an everyday one for the more interesting people in my life :)

jacqueline said...

Love her bag. n_n
Really nice blog and interesting read!

katy said...

hope she can replicate it! sounds really cool

Anonymous said...

I love the purse!
and I sure would love to have one of the bleeding candles, it was such an interesting story...
Angie at LonesomeRoadStudio

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for stopping by.The bag is lovely but was made by another.Her work is in the video.
Glad you like the blog.I love it..

SewMuchDetail said...

Love the bag......I love your story about the Turkey necklace too!! Too funny and thanks for visiting my blog!

Psychic said...

I say, I like the key chain more. Thanks for posting a nice one.