Sunday, November 2, 2008

George's Dream Nightmare or Precognitive?

George is a physist.We have been friends since days at UVA when we were neighbors.We spent many hours arguing about UFO's.He did not believe in any of "that mumbojumbo stuff" of the paranormal.Recently, near his birthday,he was terribly troubled by dreams happening almost every night for several weeks.He was haunted through his dreams by a man dressed in some costume wearing jewelry (he hates men's jewelry) and painted or with tattoo."He seems to know me and wants to tell me something but he says nothing.It is beginning to worry me.I am not sleeping at all.What is going on?"
I gave him the standard psych answer "Maybe you are worried about aging .your birthday is coming up."He blew that off as usual with a few choice words.
His birthday is on Halloween.A few days before,I heard from his wife.She was very excited.She was planning a surprise party.A costume party.She told him they were going to one and had his costume picked out.One of their friends was coming as an authentic Tribal warrier.Another had shavd his head and was using fake tattoos on his face and neck
Her birthday gift to George was "an appointment for an Exotic Piercing of his ear" which she had been encouraging him to have for two months.

Since his birthday he has had no more dreans...What do you think,nightmare or precognitive? Can you pick him from the animoto video?

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