Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ScrapAddict's Experience

There are a variety of talented and addicted Artists on Etsy.One is the self proclaimed Scrapbooking Artist ,scrapaddict.She started at a vert early age and says"I never stopped."
Living on a dairy farm and having three children allows little free time.i do not see how she has time to create so many lovely things for the shop.Some are in the Animoto video posted but there are many other in her shop:

She posted an interesting response in a forum the other day.Here is her story in her own words and a few responses to it from that discussion:

scrapaddict says:
"FOR 2 DAYS I've been searching all over for my adhesive that I NEED to create. Cannot find it anywhere! So, I call my sister in law to chat and I mention it to her, and she asks "did you say the prayer to ST. Anthony?" No. She says it and while we are on the phone I find the adhesive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great experience.Others thought so also.
3littleprincesstutus says:
"Scrap...A prayer to St. Anthony has ALWAYS worked for me...and with 3 small girls I lose a lot of stuff!"

LoveLaurie says
"...I am not a particularly religious person. The prayer to St. Anthony is something my mom and aunts always did when I was a child. It is really strange, but EVERY time I do it I find what was missing within minutes. My daughter does it now and it always works for her too."

wiseoldowl says:
"I'm also not religious. who is this st. anthony fellow? i too am missing my glue!"

BlueBoxStudio says:
"So what's the prayer to St Anthony? My DH is forever losing things. Does he just mention his name.

As they say "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most"!"

Love those forums.The video below shows a bit of the work from the responding folks. You can find more at their shop



Rosebud Collection said...

I like St. Anthony..usually works for me too..

Distressing Delilah said...

Have never done this..but a seed is planted now!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for coming.I agree it sounds like a useful plan..