Monday, November 24, 2008

Two Artists' Experience with Sleep Paralysis

Two talented Etsy Artists were kind enough to share their experiences .Their work is in the video but you would probably like to see more at their shops on Etsy.
About herself,quietkatie says in her profile;"I like things that are beautiful. I like the way light shines through orange leaves in October. I like the smell of apples. I like watching birds. I like the feeling of a warm cat sleeping in my lap. I like the sound of a baby's laugh. I like the poetry of A.A Milne. I like soft, faded fabrics.

I am especially inspired by walks in the woods, Edwardian children's books, English gardens, French country decor and Beatrix Potter. I've been trying lots of new crafting techniques lately, so keep an eye on the shop for some new additions!"

NoctisAeterna's Profile
"Hello, all! My name is Amber, nice to meet you. I'm a 24-year-old college graduate with her Associate's Degree in Art and Animation, and I'm here to (hopefully) put one of those majors to good use ;)

I'm quite enthusiastic about art, and my styles run an eclectic gamut, from digital photography to painting to colored pencil, and so many things in between. Once I really get going here, I hope to have a respectable selection for everyone out there to choose from! The more money I can make, the more materials I can invest in, and the more art I can provide to the good people at Etsy!"

Here is quietkatie/s story in her own words:
"I've woken up feeling like someone was sitting on my chest, I don't know if that is sleep paralysis or not. I couldn't move, though, and couldn't really breathe. Then I'd fall back into sleep. It doesn't happen very often. I heard a psychic say once that the "someone sitting on your chest" feeling is caused by your soul, which leaves your body when you sleep, climbing back in and you happen to wake up before it's all the way in. That freaked me out, lol."

Here is Amber.s story in her own words:
"I experience it quite frequently - at least once every couple of months. It used to be downright terrifying, but it's gotten to the point where I can recognize what's happening and can do something about it.

My experiences don't usually have anything to do with pressure on my chest or anything like that - I usually see "shadow people" standing around me, or rising up out of the floor, and sometimes feel someone or something jabbing me in the ribs. Occasionally, I hear voices, too, and a couple of times I've had vivid hallucinations of certain body parts moving in ways that they shouldn't - once, it was my arms, and it felt like they were twining around each other like snakes; the other time, it was the sensation that my jaw was seizing uncontrollably.

I can usually snap out of it, though, by focusing on moving, even just a little bit."

Thank you so much for your stories.Such frightening experiences.It is encouraging that NoctisAetema has developed a way to deal with it.


jacqueline said...

Thatz really interesting! n_n

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Always enjoy reading your posts, very interesting and makes me want to run out and get some books on whatever topic you are writing about:):)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you for your interest.It is amazing how many of our Etsy people struggle with this.Makes me wonder if creative people are more inclined..

Meekiyu said...

wow that is some weird things... I've had a couple of those experiences too... instead of black shadows it was some white gentleman in a bowler hat... lolol