Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adapting To Sleep Paralysis

In our recent discussion of Sleep Paralysis in an Etsy Forum,some of the people experiencing the terror of it have found a few ways to adapt to the occurrences.Read the accounts and notice the things that sometimes work.As you may recall amber also mentioned this in her account published in the previous post.It may be helpful to those who go through this..Some samples of their work is included in the video.A link to the shop follows their story.

missknits said...

I used to have this happen a lot as a kid/teen, but only a couple of times since adult. its incredibly frightening. i remember trying to tell my parents, and they thought i was being foolish, til i read about it online somewhere and knew what it was. it still freaks me out, until i realize whats going on and force myself to try and sleep and then i'll come out of it. freaky!

yellowcanoe says:
Here's my post from before.... my blog post from it...going back a little over 2 years: http://operation-paper-cut.blogspot.com/2006/08/flickr.html


smittenkittenorig says:
I've had it at times! Feels like it's so real in the moment & worse still, I couldn't move or scream. At first I thought it was like a night terror thing (so glad it wasn't) but in the moment that hardly matters. I've not had it happen in a quite a while but I've also been on anti-anxiety medication, so that may be why.

In the meantime, chamomile tea & either lavender or chamomile scents worked for one of my friends. Drink the tea before going to sleep and use a bit of either essential oil on your sleep mask (should you have one). ;)

TripleWillowGifts says:
I have had it a few times and it's breath taking scary and it left me fatiqued too.

How about breaking the cycle by taking a light dose muscle relaxer? Either natural or prescribed?

My indian teachings tell me though that you need prayers. Consider them on the way with your name in them Snow

FeetingFrenzy says:
i used to experience sleep paralysis all the time as a teenager. it frightened me every single time it happened. i never felt like there were people around me, never felt the heavy chest thing either. i would just wake up and not be able to move. at first i would try to fight it and try to force myself to move. but after the first few times i learned the best way to deal with it was to relax as much as possible and let myself fall back to sleep.

it doesn't happen to me anymore. thank god!!

Solanah says:
Oh gosh I havent had it in a while, but it is terrifying. Pretty much the only thing you have control of is your thoughts and your breathing. You really dont want to go back to sleep, it feels like you'll fall into some horrible world and never escape, so you have to really fight it by trying to stay calm and gathering up energy and then trying to simply move.

ScotiaMade says:
It's happneed to me for years. I am now aware when it is happening that I am dreaming and I work to get awake to escape the situation.

This was, of course, a bit of a surprise for the BF the first time it happened, as my method of getting awake is to alert those in the waking world to my situation via a loud noise that is now known in our house as "the wibble"

It sounds a bit like the noise you woudl expect a muppet to make were you to spin it around the room by its feet until it passed out.

That is not what it sounds like in my dream,m but there you have it.


Gallery Juana said...

Very interesting to read about everyones' experiences, especially since my dreams can feel very real.

missknits said...

wow lots of responses about this! which i have to say is relieving to see! you often feel like its just you, especially since none of my friends and family know what i am talking about. I dont freak out as much with it anymore, since i am more educated and know. But the experience is still very sureal and nerve rattling. i often will finally awake wondering if it all really did happen.