Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aliens And God

If it should happen to be true, as some people believe ,that human life on this planet came from Aliens,would that destroy Religion?
When the idea first surfaced in the mid 1950's it was considered outrageous.Since then it has evolved to include many believers.From what I have read, it is considered a threat to organized religion ;specifically the belief in God
.Evolution itself is considered in this manner, as well,by some groups.

Humans have always had a form of Religion.Who created the Aliens if the Aliens created us?Personally, I do not consider either Evolution or Alien Origin to be a threat to belief in God.The human body is such a complex interwoven arrangement of truly miracleous parts and function.The trees,plants,animals,seas and weather is so carefully and intricately intertwined it seems to me simply indications of God's incredible thoughtfulness and provisions for us.
What about you? A Threat or a Lesson?

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