Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Three Etsy Artists ' Experiences

Three artist from Etsy share their stories today.
littlebuttons says:
My name is Sarah and I’m an at-home-mom of three, a writer, a musician, and a crafter. We live in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. I make everything in the shop by hand and I only sell what I love. I hope you find something you love, too!

Her shop is:

T"My daughter Ellen reads my mind. I can be thinking of any random thing and all of a sudden she'll start talking about it. She is pretty neat!"

RubyFantastic says:

"In my shop you will see a quirky mix of colors and textures that are whimsical and fun! I am inspired by color and always trying new techniques. I love the idea of wearing a piece of funky art whether it be jewelry, a handbag or clothing, especially for our wee ones.See her work at

hat is so cool! I wish one of my kids did have it so I could have fun with them. My friends little girl sees "the man" at their house who we think is the dead previous owner."

marcyandcoco says:
We are Maria and Corrie!"CONTACT US FOR CUSTOM PIECES!!!
This includes luggage, stationary, cards, drawings, paintings, etc.

(For my pen and inks, if you give me a list of words, names, images, or figures, I can add them to the picture, worked into the design! Feel free to ask, as I love doing custom work!)
The shop may be found at
(about 18-20 years ago) my uncle and aunt and their 3-4 kids (cant remember how many were born at that time) moved to Haiti (so he could be a missionary doctor). Well the people in their town did not like them becuase they were American, Christia, etc. and they would come and do voodoo in front of their house. Well they fetl like evil spirits were around, but didn't have any proof. One day thier daughter kept pointing to a closet saying "hi, whats your name?" over and over and talking to what seemed like nothing. Finally they opened the closet and their was a voodoo doll on the shelf.

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